Rescued dog served up as sausages to firefighters


A dog saved by Pewsey firefighters has been served up to them as sausages, following on from the recently saved piglets that they’d just wolfed down.

After Pewsey firefighters saved Peter Thape’s dog from a recent disaster, Mr Thape noticed one of the firemen licking his lips and offering canine cooking tips, and dog marinade advice.

The firefighter added that the men get particularly peckish around mid-afternoon at the station, if Mr Thape should find himself in the area.

‘I was really grateful to the lads for putting out the fire, and with the recent piglet thing, it seemed the right thing to do,’ said Thape.

‘Like most of us, Fido was a big fan of the firefighters and alongside some ketchup and mustard, was proud to brighten up their day,’ added Thape.