Ripen at home fruit now ready to eat


A family, who have been patiently sat by the fruit bowl for seven months, are delighted that their ripen at home plums are now ready to be eaten.

The Thape family from Hereford, were aware that the window for eating ripen at home fruit is only eight minutes, and can occur anywhere within a 12 month time period. Having made the mistake of discovering the fruit go from unripe to unpalatable numerous times in the past, the Thape’s decided to sit vigil over the fruit bowl on this occasion. Peter Thape (44) has organised the family shift rota.

‘I would like to add a special thanks to the supermarkets for giving us this great product,’ said Thape

‘The children have missed quite a bit of school, but this is a wonderful moment for us, as a family,’ added an emotional Thape.