Ryanair to charge extra for carrying pipe bombs


Following the prosecution of pipe bomb-carrying Nadeem Mohammed, Ryanair have decided to ask future passengers to pay extra for adding explosives to their carry-on luggage.   

Ryanair spokesman, Peter Thape admitted that in the current climate, a new revenue stream could be created that had previously been untapped.

Thape had been critical of Nadeem Mohammed, who had cannily avoided payment for his check-in, seat allocation, and possible use of in-flight toilet, before trying to sneak a bomb on board, without paying any extra.

‘Sticking a bomb in your suitcase is an insult to all the passengers who are fighting to fit two weeks’ worth of clothes in there,’ said Thape.

‘What’s really annoyed me is that when we did let him on board, he didn’t even buy a scratch card,’ added Thape.