Saudi Arabian woman gets first whiplash claim in


The newly allowed women drivers of Saudi Arabia have been keen to catch up with the rest of the world, and get insurance claims in for a bogus whiplash.  

Saudi women have been celebrating the inexplicable change in Sharia Law by buying up rear-view mirror pine scented trees, euphemistic bumper stickers, and gangster style boom boxes for the boot.

Local Saudi woman, Murial Al-Shebab Hislop is hoping to stage crashes on the approach to roundabouts, where six of her friends will pile out of the struck vehicle, pathetically rubbing their necks.

‘I’m setting up a call centre in Riyadh tomorrow,’ offered Al-Shebab Hislop.

‘Gonna start phonin’ women all day and night, asking about that crash they had that wasn’t their fault,’ added Al-Shebab Hislop.