Supermarket customers juggling armfuls of items to avoid bag charge


Cashiers are enjoying watching customers balance as many as 200 items on each hand as shoppers continue to insist that they don’t need a 5p bag.

In scenes reminiscent of Crackerjack’s famous cabbage game, patrons are snubbing the earth-slaying plastic bag, with its hefty 5p premium and attempting to juggle their £35 worth of groceries to the car before having to stop at the heat logs just outside the door to reposition their provisions. Cashier, Peter Thape (19) likes to watch the customers struggle from his till towards the car park.

‘Last week, this bloke called me Hitler for charging him for a bag. Sometimes people just slowly shake their head at me, as if I’m carrying out the work of Pol Pot,’ said Thape.

‘I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to a quiet smile when I see a jar of Bolognese sauce fall, and splash up their trousers,’ added Thape.