Talented bi-lingual people to be challenged

pakistani men in a shopshop

The High court has upheld a request made by the National Paranoia Association (NPA) to stop British Asians jumping from English to Urdu in mid-sentence.

The ruling has ordered that from Tuesday week, anybody who starts a sentence in one language but then skips to another will be asked to start the sentence again. Chairman of the NPA, Peter Thape (68) based his case on a trip to his local shop where his purchase of a pouch of Condor ready rubbed was interrupted by the shopkeeper’s phone ringing.

‘Perhaps you shall order crisps from the supplier in English now, Mr Massoud.’  Thape said, following the judgement.

‘And don’t think I don’t know that you’re talking about me when you start with your gibberish,’ added Thape.