Teachers didn’t spot 60 year old student in Ipswich secondary school


Staff at Stoke High School in Ipswich have been criticised for not noticing a 60 year old man, who posed as a 15 year old, in order to gain access to the secondary school.

It was only when pupils started to ask the question on social media of why there was a grey haired, balding man sat amongst them, that the school started an investigation.

15 year old classmate, Bobby Thape sat next to the elderly man in double Science, and he first became suspicious when he noticed that the man had a bottle of Gaviscon in his blazer pocket.

‘He was dressed as a girl too, but in these modern times you can’t say anything,’ said Thape.

‘I should have worked it out when he asked if they sell Anusol at the tuck shop,’ added Thape.