‘There’s little point carrying on,’ says child that learns of the end of Ricicles production


Children have reacted badly to the shocking Kellogg’s announcement that Ricicles will cease to exist at all.

Little Bobby Thape (6) spent most of yesterday trying to secure an exit deal with Swiss suicide giants, Dignitas, after seeing the tragic news break on John Craven’s Newsround.

A tearful Little Bobby had been clutching his second favourite cereal, Coco Pops, when the shattering news came through that plans were in place to cut their sugar content cut by up to 40%, too.

‘What am I supposed to do? I’m six; cereal is the only pleasure I have in life,’ said Little Bobby

‘My regular day is just a mixture of being shouted at by either teachers or parents – cereal’s my crutch, man – taxi to Switzerland, please,’ added Little Bobby.