Trump praises ‘Waffle House’ shooter for ‘Going Commando’


Midget-handed nutcase, Donald Trump has nominated the Tennessee ‘Waffle House’ gunman for a special award, after the multiple shooter chose to kill everyone whilst he was naked.

‘Waffle House’ shooting suspect, Travis Reinking will be honoured at a ceremony later this month for showing fresh initiative in the highly competitive field of American multiple homicide.

The awards, sponsored by the National Rifle Association (NRA), acknowledge those gunmen who have shown particular flair or style in the act of mass killings.

‘Reinking has ticked a lot of boxes here in his nomination; waffle house, naked, didn’t shoot himself – he’s shown real originality,’ said NRA spokesman Peter Thape.

‘I think Reinking is nailed on for the award here. As you know the ‘Schools’ category is going to be very difficult to pick a winner this year,’ added Thape.