Wildebeest looking to local council for more security


Wildebeest are considering moving away from the Serengeti Plain after the local council failed to recognise a potential threat from neighbouring communities.

Their application for fencing around the grassland that they feed upon was rejected, but an amended proposal for small bushes and plants to define animal territories has been accepted.

Wildebeest, Peter Thape (2) feels that the council have not acted fairly, and accepts that although the plants make the area neater, lions will simply run through the delphiniums and still eat them.

‘The council went back on the idea of nets at the water holes; how many times must you take a drink and find a crocodile snapping at your nose?’ asked Thape.

‘I might as well move to a semi in Nairobi. I bet they don’t have this problem there,’ added Thape.