‘I’m pretty sure Hitler really liked the Jews,’ says Ken Livingstone

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Former London Mayor, Ken Livingstone has been shunned by the Jewish community after managing to offend all Jewish people, and most other humans, with his fairly inaccurate stab at history.

The former Mayor, who now runs a small juggling business, has seen bookings for Bar Mitzvahs and circumcisions completely dry up since he made his confused statement.

Livingstone, who can often be seen on a unicycle juggling 3 or more bowling pins, outside a North London Bagel shop, has admitted that he’ll need to look for another location.

‘Which one was the Second World War, again? Was that the one with the Chinese looking people, and Charlie Sheen – or was that the Vietnam one?’ asked Livingstone.

‘Wait a second…who was the Oscar Schindler guy? I could be getting all these film people mixed up?’ added Livingstone.