Jeremy Corbyn to french kiss the Chief Rabbi


Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn has angered anti-gay groups by offering to french kiss Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, in his quest to prove how much he likes Jewish people.

Anti-Corbynites are extremely angry at Jeremy Corbyn, and believe his offer to go with Ephraim Mirvis to be a disingenuous attempt at winning the support of Jewish voters.

Mirvis is believed to have rejected Corbyn’s offer of a lingering kiss, and has instead posted another picture on Facebook of Corbyn sitting in Nando’s with Yasser Arafat.

‘Corbyn always went as Hitler to fancy dress parties when he was a child,’ said Mirvis.

‘If Corbyn came to power, he’d make us live in ghettos, where our whole community would have to live within 2 or 3 square miles,’ added Mirvis.