Mine-clearing rats threatening industrial action

rats clearing minesrats clearing mines

Gambian Pouched rats, who have become associated with sniffing out land mines, are considering historical strike action, in light of poor working conditions.

Rat, Peter Thape (12 months) is the Leader of the National Union of Rats (NUR), and he points out that many of his members are grateful for finding work in these austere times. But, Thape questions the Health & Safety record of the industry, given that many rats have large families to support at home, and stand a more than good chance of being blown up at work.

‘We appreciate earning the National Minimum Wage, and we’re really not after any trouble,’ stresses NUR Leader, Thape.

‘But we’re fairly simple folk, who are happy to return to our normal life. Is it possible that you could just not make the land mines anymore?’ asked Thape.