More betting shops planned for the high street

bookC7KG6F Coral and Ladbrokes betting shops beside each other

The Department for Economics is hoping to increase the number of betting shops on the high street in a bid to hold off the expanding march of charity retail outlets.

The Government have relaxed the historical laws that oversee the amount of bookmakers allowed to trade in any one street. Peter Thape is the spokesman for the Economic Dept. and he feels sure that more betting shops will help those last few people who are not yet gambling to do so.

‘Gambling is a good, healthy use of one’s time, and doesn’t lead at all to inadequate men pissing all their wages away in an hour and then going home and beating their wives,’ said Thape.

‘Plus, we hate the charity shops, with their home-made signs and high waist-banded volunteer staff. Their shops look cheap, and bookies look shiny and bright,’ added Thape.