Nation celebrates a day off from the General Election campaign with the rubbishy local elections

polling 2Photo by Guy Harrop FILE PIC 26/04/10.. An election worker sorts through hundreds of polling signs and booths in preparation for the general election in a council depot in Barnstaple, North Devon. North Devon is one of 650 constituencies across the UK counting votes in the forthcoming general election on the 6th May 2010. from shoot:election image Copyrighted photographer Guy Harrop © tel:01271 850317 mob:07866 464282 e-mail: or please visit

The local toy town council elections mean that broadcasters are not allowed to feature the General Election campaign until the polls close at 10pm tonight.

With the media avoiding the election, the public are enjoying a welcome break from the yah-boo electioneering of the wealthy children elected to represent us.

Local man, Peter Thape is looking forward to stories of cats stuck in trees, and other such nonsense as broadcasters struggle to fill the newscasts.

‘I’ve got some grasp on politics, but the local council elections are just too rubbish to bother with,’ said Thape.

‘Still, I’d have them every day, if it meant not having to listen to those millionaire politicians pretending they care about me,’ added Thape.