Strikes threatened by lack of oil drums

oil drumoil drum

A leading economist believes that recent talk of winter strikes is being hampered by a shortage of the oil drums that would ordinarily host picket line fires.

Economist, Peter Thape (43) thinks that many of the nation’s employees would like to strike, but don’t have a 3ft oil drum, or a drill bit that’s big enough to cut the flame enabling large holes in the drum’s side. Thape believes dissatisfied staff are still capable of painting placards, and can order a loud hailer off e-bay, but knows that modern day assembly lines, such as sandwich shops, lack strike resources.

‘In the seventies we all had an oil drum. I had two or three on me at any one time,’ said Thape.

‘What are they meant to do in a sandwich shop? Stand round a fire in a mayonnaise tub?’ asked Thape.