Chickens have final say on religious slaughter

two chickenstwo chickens

A leading chicken has joined in the European Union debate on the style of killing used in the preparation of meat for Jewish and Muslim people.

As the European parliament decides on whether the religious slaying of animals fits into acceptable humane boundaries, some of those destined for the abattoir feel their thoughts have been largely ignored. Chairman of the National Union of Chickens, Peter Thape (5 weeks) has some concerns about whether or not poultry should be stunned in an electric bath before their throats are cut.

‘I was actually wondering if we could possibly be given a tablet, or an injection, or perhaps not actually be killed at all,’ said Thape

‘But, If God says let’s have an electrified bath, then that’s good enough for me. We’ve got to have some rules, otherwise everything just seems ludicrous,’ added Thape.