Sainthood could be too late for Teresa

teresaMother Teresa of Calcutta at a pro-life meeting on July 13, 1986 in Bonn, Germany

Mother Teresa is understandably delighted to have been canonized by Pope Francis, but secretly believes that this may have come too late to help her career.

Mother Teresa, who died in 1997, was nonetheless boosted by the papal announcement, which confirmed her decisive second miracle, in which she reversed a Brazilian man’s terminal tumour. The legendary missionary was pleased with the Pope’s decision, but had wondered whether an earlier decision might have better helped her with her intended career on the after-dinner speaking circuit.

‘I’m pleased that the Brazilian man survived, but to call it a miracle is a little strong,’ said Mother Theresa.

‘I was asked to pray for a lot of terminal people over the years. Pretty poor success rate, maybe less than 1%,’ she added.