Yes! It’s that time of year when we replenish the mugs…and Jesus came back to life

easter mugseaster mugs

People around the world are celebrating the ceramic festival of new mugs, which allows us to push last year’s Easter egg mug further back into the cupboard.

Last year’s mug will now only be used for a visiting tradesman, the window cleaner or a particularly large gathering of the family.

Mug owner, Murial Hislop is torn between throwing out last year’s badly tea-stained Cream Egg mug, or leaving it unused at the back of the cupboard for five years.

‘Throwing out an unchipped mug just feels like bad karma,’ said Hislop.

‘We’re bound to need these spare 50 mugs, in case a passing army pops by for a cup of tea,’ added Hislop.