Aldi no longer able to fit customers in the store, along with all the cardboard boxes, and stock cages


Aldi are to cease trading having realised that they can no longer squeeze customers into the shopping area, along with all the re-stocking trolleys, cages and cardboard boxes. 

Although the public have persevered, carefully negotiating their trolleys through a maze of pallet trucks and decommissioned cardboard, Aldi have decided that the stores are no place for the general public.

Customer, Peter Thape has admitted that he’ll miss the incredibly long queues, random opening and closing of tills, and the 5 minute wait for the cashier to turn up when they actually open a new till.

‘I shall probably miss the staff continually shouting to one another as if there were no customers present,’ said Thape.

‘Plus, I adore the way that they sweep my shopping into my basket as if I’m an armless simpleton,’ added Thape.