Aldi open another till


Aldi have generously decided to re-open till number three, now that the queue is all the way back to the eggs.

Cashier, Peter Thape closed till number 3 down when there was a nanosecond break in the flow of customers, so that he could pull a pallet full of frozen nonsense through the store at sixty miles an hour.

Thape plans to fold up bits of cardboard until the customers loading on till number 3’s conveyor belt are prepared to abandon their shopping.

‘Yeah, I love it. I hide near the whisky bottles until I see the customers all looking at each wondering What the hell’s going on?…before I go back to the till,’ said Thape.

‘Once I’ve sat down, I have to shout to the other cashier for at least five minutes about who’s on a break,’ added Thape.