BBC secure the rights to ‘Celebrity Hot Unicycle Chef’


The BBC have started filming their latest cookery programme, which will feature celebrities cooking meringues on a flaming unicycle.

BBC programme commissioner, Peter Thape has excitedly unveiled the newest TV cookery programme, having astutely noticed a gap in meringue/unicycle cookery market.

With more or less every cookery angle now being covered, Thape has been congratulated for his new discovery, having recently added Cooking for Celebrity Pets, and Celebrity Cooking in the Shower to the BBC’s portfolio.

‘This cookery nonsense is gold for a Commissioning Editor. Reminds me of the property porn we did 10-12 years ago. Easy money,’ said Thape.

‘Just giving the people what they want. Even though 9 out of 10 people still have beans on toast for tea,’ added Thape.