Bin men getting pally as we get closer to Christmas

bin menbin men

Bin men, who ordinarily like to tip half your bin on the road, are waving and saying ‘hello,’ as the season nears for getting a possible box of mince pies, or an occasional tenner.

Local bin man, Peter Thape spends most of the year scraping bins on the side of cars, and telling backing-up traffic to ‘fuck off,’ but miraculously transforms into a jovial exponent of repartee from the first week of December.

Thape’s December program includes occasional chats and light bin banter with the householders that he’s not managed to converse with for the previous 11 months.

‘If you need to dump a body, December’s your month,’ advised Thape.

‘Enjoy it while you can, we’re not turning up after the 23rd,’ added Thape.