Car sun visor spiders agree a new deal


The small spiders that make their home in the car’s sun visor have finally agreed terms on their future conduct.

Following an upsurge in money spiders slowly dangling down towards the steering wheel, an arrangement has been brokered that should make driving a little less perilous.

Four-month-old spider, Peter Thape is the Chairman of the National Union of Spiders and he has acceded to demands not to suddenly appear during motorway driving, or on roads where the speed limit is over 30 mph.

‘This has been a difficult negotiation for us. As spiders, even small ones, we have a certain duty to scare people,’ said Thape.

‘We have gained some ground though. We have agreed to slowly descend from the bedroom ceiling into your mouth, when you’re asleep,’ added a jubilant Thape.