Cars that park in parent/child spaces not allowed any window glass


The public are demanding that those who use supermarket parent and child parking spaces have no glass in their cars so that we can see more easily if there’s an actual child inside the car.

The proposed new legislation will help those other shoppers who are currently struggling when peering into the car. On exceptionally wet days, drivers may use a single sheet of cling film, which must be wiped down on entry to the supermarket car park.

Shopper, Peter Thape likes to glance into those cars who are pulling into the parent/child spaces as he walks the extra 8 feet into the store.

‘The glass can sometimes be tinted or reflective, leading to errors; I don’t want my hatred to be misdirected,’ said Thape.

‘If I don’t think they have a child, I stare at them like they’re a war criminal,’ added Thape.