‘Catching up the car that overtook you,’ voted best feeling of justice ever


Slowly driving up to the traffic lights to find that you’ve unintentionally caught up the car that whizzed past you 60 seconds ago, has been voted best feeling of justice ever in a new Channel Four poll.

The Channel Four programme, which airs on Tuesday at 8 pm, counts down a list of the top 100 best feelings of justice ever.

Catching up the car that overtook you finished ahead of ‘Seeing your childhood abuser jailed,’ with ‘School bullies getting cancer’ finishing third. Peter Thape (40) recently trundled up to the lights on the A6 to find himself next to the man that recently overtook him at 110mph.

‘I looked across to see if his wife had given birth yet,’ said Thape.

‘What a surprise! He was sat on his own; and too embarrassed to even make eye contact with me,’ added Thape.