Chin adhesive developed to help avoid eye contact with arguing couples in the street


To help the public effortlessly walk by arguing couples, an adhesive has been developed that will allow the passer-by to effectively glue their own chin to their chest.

The skin-safe cement can be applied at an instant and should be able to cope with a range of street nutcases.

Several different types will be available at a small premium, including ones that help avoid eye contact with mental people, beggars, and parents who are shouting at a small child. Peter Thape is from Glue Inc. and he encourages the public to carry a tube of the solvent at all times.

‘Not knowing where to look can be a genuine problem; chin glue is a real answer,’ said Thape.

‘Don’t use it, if you’re being followed though; there are some neck turning issues,’ Thape added.