Clampdown on ambiguous toilet signs


The Ministry of Culture is to demand more clarity within toilet signs and images following complaints from the Council for the Lower Intestine (CLI).

Reports of people waiting outside pub and restaurant toilets for up to 2 days, whilst trying to work out which door to enter, has prompted action from the CLI.

Those who are unable to choose between Damen and Herren, or decipher the witty genital based pictures are being forced to indefinitely hold in a motion to the detriment of their lower intestine.  Peter Thape is spokesman for the CLI.

‘Those without a basic grasp of German, or lacking a good knowledge of symbolic imagery are subjected to massive stress, and ultimately bobbing their cecks,’ said Thape.

‘We believe that toilets should return to the traditional ‘Ladies & Gents,’ or have a member of staff on hand to direct customers through the correct door.’ Thape added.