Competent father mystifies sitcom writer


Successful TV writer, Peter Thape, has called time on his string of ‘incompetent dad’ sitcoms, after watching a new dad adequately care for his child.

Thape’s BAFTA winning sitcom career has included such TV classics as ‘Bumbling male,’ ‘Ooops I dropped the baby,’ and the American remake ‘Crap Dad!’ Thape’s decision to retire has come after he observed a lone father comfort a crying infant unaided. The man is reported to have changed, fed and soothed the baby with no hilariously incompetent consequences.

‘It hit me like a tonne of bricks. The man wasn’t confused by the nappy and didn’t get urine sprayed into his eyes. He didn’t even beg passing women for help,’ said Peter.

‘After what I saw I can’t possibly pick up my pen again. We were going to make a Bumbling male film but that can’t happen now. It’s a brave new world,’ Peter added.

Written by Adam Martin