Dad in trouble as child asks for cereal that Aldi don’t stock as a cheapo copy


A Northampton dad finds himself in a parenting conundrum after his son expressed a preference for a cereal that Aldi don’t stock a cheapo version of.

Peter Thape’s son returned from a friend’s sleepover excitedly talking about big Shredded Wheat, a product that Thape is aware that Aldi do not stock an inexpensive unapologetic copy of.

Thape desperately tried to convince his son about the benefits of the cardboard and gravel based Malted Wheaties (Shreddies), or the asthmatic inducing, sawdust spectacular, Hot Oat Cereal (Ready Brek).

‘I’ve checked up and down the country, Aldi don’t do a counterfeit big Shredded Wheat. I’m done for – I’ll have to go to the big Tesco,’ admitted a defeated Thape.

‘I’ll be down 70 or 80p a week. I’ll never see that money again,’ added Thape.