Dad never angrier than when putting up a tent


A dad who is trying to put up a tent has shown an anger that none of his family have ever seen before.

As dad’s grapple with the various coloured fibre glass poles moves into a second hour, mum of the family, Murial Hislop has taken the children to the meagre camp shop for their own protection.

Other campers in the field have opened a sweepstake on how long it will take to erect the tent, after he refused their offer of help in the style of an irritated 15 year-old, whilst refusing to make eye contact with any of them.

‘He asked me to pass him a tent peg in a way that more or less said that our marriage was a sham,’ said mum, Murial Hislop.

‘The rain is 20 minutes away, at best. It probably won’t help if I mention that,’ added Hislop.