‘Day my child could no longer be filled up by a Happy Meal,’ voted saddest parental experience


Parents have overwhelmingly voted that the day when their child could no longer be filled by a McDonald’s Happy Meal was their saddest parental experience in a new Channel Four poll.

The Channel Four programme, which airs on Tuesday at 8 pm, counts down a list of the top 100 saddest parental experiences of all time.

‘Needing more food’ than the Happy Meal finished ahead of When they leave home, with Finding out they’ve been bullied finishing third. Local dad, Peter Thape remembers when it happened to him.

‘Little Bobby was six. He just suddenly said can I have some nuggets, as well. I just looked at his mother; I knew it was over,’ said Thape.

‘It was the beginning of the end. I’m spending thirty quid in there now, every time I go in. Might as well go to a restaurant,’ added Thape.