Desperately tired man too scared to leave his wife downstairs with the heating still on

thermoDigital thermostat in the living room

A man who needs to go to bed faces the prospect of leaving his wife downstairs with control over the central heating.

Peter Thape (42) from Hereford has needed to be in bed for ages, having to be up in five hours to go to work. But despite his heavy eyes, and drooping head, he dare not take the risk of going upstairs, and entrust the task of turning off the heating to his wife.

Thape has tried a range of unsubtle hints to encourage his wife to call it a day, but she seems determined to watch the end of the film.

‘Last week, I came downstairs in the morning, and the heating had been on all night… Lowest moment of my life,’ said Thape.

‘I should go upstairs, I’m exhausted. But I know I’ll just sit bolt upright in the bed until I hear the heating click off,’ added Thape.