Driver smashes his own fall-asleep record on way home

tired man driving a cartired man driving a car

An Oxfordshire man has extended his record of nearly falling asleep at the wheel to an impressive 36 near-sleeps on his evening commute back home.

Peter Thape (34) proudly beat his personal best on the five mile, sixty minute journey, with a series of new tactics.

Thape developed a winning combination of opening the window, screaming at himself, and biting the inside of his cheek to clinch the new title.

Thape worked cleverly through the early droopy-eye sections with an absurdly loud radio, and the application of staple removers on his thigh.

‘I arrived home at a hazy six ‘clock. I don’t know how. I remember virtually nothing of it,’ said a modest Thape.

‘Every day is a lottery. It’s just a matter of time.’ Thape added.