England’s shameful child exploitation plot unveiled

small childchild exploitation story

A systemic pattern of errand abuse has been discovered, in which young children are being encouraged to recover items from around the house to the chimes of a parental countdown.

Compensation may be due to infants who have been fooled by a number of parents into getting something from the kitchen, or upstairs within a standard 10 seconds. Trademark signs to watch out for are a parent shouting 1 ,2, & 3 brightly, but then falling silent, before sounding an 8, 9, and 10 as the child skids back into view. Bobby Thape, aged 5, was recently hoodwinked by his own father.

‘I was proudly telling these two pre-schoolers about getting my dad’s phone for him inside 9 seconds, when they both burst out laughing,’ said Bobby.

‘Dickhead! He can get his own sh*t from now on,’ added Bobby.