Englishman airlifted to hospital after holding in his belly for six hours on Spanish beach


43 year old Peter Thape from Stockport is recovering in Playa de Las Americas General Hospital after helicopter paramedics discovered that the man had tried to hold in his stomach for six straight hours.

Surrounded by youthful, beautiful beach people, Thape tried to make his middle-aged spread a little less pronounced, and drew in his paunch to the same position it had occupied in 1995.

Thape took five minute breaks every hour by lying face down in the sand, but numerous trips to the bar, sea, and café started to take a toll. By 4pm his wife had noticed that he was starting to significantly weaken.

‘Poor bugger; he really thought the ladies might be looking at him,’ said wife, Laura Thape.

‘I said, wait ’till they see your bloody farmers, and your back hair. That’ll clinch it.’ She added.