Face mask manufacturer admits that they created virus

In this photo taken on March 16, 2013, people wearing masks walk down a street in Ginza shopping district of Tokyo. Japan is becoming a sea of surgical masks. It’s about pollen, about germs and even a little about China, its polluting rival across the sea. (AP Photo/Itsuo Inouye)

A company who produce and sell face masks in Beijing have admitted that they are the original source of the Coronavirus.

The Chinese company created the virus as part of a post-Christmas sales initiative, to boost first quarter profits.

The owner of Thape Face Masks Ltd. told Cutting News that January can be a notoriously quiet month for the face mask industry, and something needed to be done.

‘We had a couple of lads in Marketing working on the virus last week,’ said owner, Peter Thape.

‘M & S vouchers going to those two lads, as we speak,’ added Thape.