Family have a brilliant day out, and all the children are grateful and appreciative

family3young family running and having fun in the countryside

A 38 year old dad has woken after the finest dream he’s ever had, which included low price admission to a petting zoo, and children who thanked him for a lovely day out.

Peter Thape from Sunderland lay in his bed this morning holding on to the glow of his recently finished dream, which also featured his kids sitting quietly in the car on the journey to the Children’s Farm.

Thape’s dream additionally featured his eldest child coming up to him and saying…I know you’ve had a tough week, dad, but if you get a chance please could we all have an ice cream. And we’d prefer supermarket bought ones, as opposed to that bastard rip-off van over there.

‘See, it can all be nice,’ said Thape, as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

‘Tonight, I’m hoping to dream about a nice trip to the supermarket with the kids,’ added Thape.