Family in real fear, as Mum starts cleaning the house

angry mumangry mum

The father and children of a Gloucestershire family are hoping to remain as invisible as possible as mum decides to catch up on the washing, and tidying around the house.

Dad, Peter Thape noticed his wife looking aggressively at the washing basket at 8 o’clock this morning, and scampered off to fit that curtain rail he’s been promising to do for 3 months.

He managed, on route, to try and warn the children of the coming storm, but feels that they probably can’t be saved.

‘I expect her to be shouting for about 6 hours, possibly taking occasional breaks to sigh loudly,’ said Thape.

‘I would offer to help, but then she’d start shouting at me as well as the kids, and they’re less afraid of her than me,’ added Thape.