Garden Centre reminds old people that they can also buy plants and stuff

garden cafegarden cafe

Garden Centres have issued a reminder to the elderly that they don’t just sell portions of Lasagne, Shepherd’s pie, and would you like gravy with that?  

Garden Centres have noticed increasing numbers of elderly people gathering in the aisles waiting for the café to open.

Although Garden Centre owner, Peter Thape acknowledges that his business has become a replacement for day care, he would like to remind patrons that he sells bird baths, gingham wrapped biscuits, and various flashing nonsense in the February to December Christmas display.

‘If you’re not sure what to do with your mum once you’ve picked her up, come to a Garden Centre!’ said an upbeat Thape.

‘We make the walk from the front door to the café wind through the whole store. That fills half a day for you, straightaway,’ added Thape.