Grown man still terrified of breaking something in a gift shop


A 48 year old man from Surrey still struggles to go into a gift shop after remaining traumatised by the handwritten poem that he saw as a young child.

Peter Thape, from Woking remembers visiting a gift shop on holiday when he was six, and being drawn to the words of the carefully crafted sign that sat next to the souvenir plates of the seaside town.

Thape loved the rhyme and playful tone of the words, before the final line stung him, and even now, Thape remains nervous around keyrings, pens, and thimbles with pictures of the beach on.

Lovely to look at, lovely to hold, but if it’s broken…consider it sold,’ recalled Thape.

‘Sometimes, in the dead of night, I hear those words…over and over again,’ added Thape.