Gypsies probably not as comfortable with you collecting a radiator from outside their houses


The head of the Gypsy Council for England has denied that ordinary people would not be welcome to drive around gypsy sites and take scrap metal from outside their homes.

Gypsy Council Leader, Peter O’Thape has invited a group of I.T. Trainers, and Hedge Fund Managers to slowly drive around gypsy sites looking for scrap metal, and see how they get on.

O’Thape feels sure that local travellers would be helpful and encouraging, perhaps even moving folded-up spinning tea cup rides out of the way, so that the coalition of middle-class merchants could move smoothly between the static homes.

‘Plus, you’ll see a collection of attractive young ladies that you’re welcome to date,’ offered O’Thape.

‘My own son was only saying the other day that he’d like to make the sideways move from bare knuckle fighting into Emotional Health Consultancy,’ added O’Thape.