Kate to get ‘George’ tattooed on her wrist at his birthday party


William and Kate are to have a tattoo party for Prince George’s fifth birthday, followed by the…Eat as much as you can buffet at Pizza Hut.  

Kate is to get ‘George’ tattooed onto her wrist, possible in a ‘Gothic’ font, so that it looks regal and proper classy.

Kate will be wearing a backless Stella McCartney for the ice cream machine dessert, which will show off her recent trash stamp, which reads…Get it here, Kingy.

‘We’re having the buffet tomorrow, because the tight bastards at Pizza Hut don’t do it at the weekend,’ said Kate Middleton.

‘I was going to get the tatt done before Liz’s 90th, but I didn’t want to steal the show off old vinegar tits,’ added Her Royal Highness.