Lived in the house 18 years – no idea which is the correct light switch

light switchlight switch

A man who has lived in the same house for 18 years has admitted that he’s still got no idea which light switch turns on the landing light, and which one is for the toilet.  

Peter Thape (42) from Preston has emerged from his bedroom each morning and felt for the light switches that sit two thirds of the way up the dividing pillar between his and his children’s bedroom.

He’s perfected a system of accidently flooding the landing with light, before immediately turning it off, and lighting the intended bathroom instead.

‘I can go on a run of getting it right four or five days on the bounce, but it’s complete luck,’ said Thape.

‘I can sometimes get it right if I don’t think about it. But if I stop, and stare at the switch – I always get it wrong,’ admitted Thape.