Man breaks record for talking to a ‘friend’ that he doesn’t recognise


A man from Kent has smashed the existing record for maintaining a phone conversation with an old friend, whose voice he simply couldn’t recognise.

Kent’s Peter Thape desperately searched for clues within the chit-chat, all the way to a record breaking 3 min 31 secs before squeezing the end call button on his phone with his acquaintance still joyfully gossiping away.

With the number unknown, Thape muddled through the entire conversation without being brave enough to say that he didn’t know who was on the phone.

‘I felt terrible when I hung up, worse than if I’d killed a man. I was clammy and shaken; looking around to see if anyone had seen,’ said a troubled Thape.

‘We’ve even arranged to meet up. God knows how this will end? Do I really need a phone?’ Thape added.