Man can’t help but mention the cost of the meal on anniversary dinner


A Lancashire man got within a desert of becoming the first husband for fifty years to get through an anniversary meal without making reference to its weighty cost.

Peter Thape, from Preston, saw excited waiters gathering to celebrate the smashing of the 1967 record, when the ice cream was placed before his wife.

Thape had played a blinder, not steering his wife towards the set menu, early bird deal, or two for one specials.  He encouraged his wife to get the seasonal lobster, wasn’t sarcastic, and didn’t say value for money all evening. Then the desert arrived…

‘One scoop of vanilla with some raspberry jiz splashed around it, for 13.95,’ said an angry Thape.

‘It had been a long night, I’d worked really hard, but they always get you on the desert,’ added Thape.