Man fails to look at another man’s stomach when he takes his top off


A Worcestershire man has broken with the time-served tradition of taking the quickest of glances at another man’s torso, just to check that he’s similarly out-of-shape.

Peter Thape (37) from Redditch was about to play squash against another equally aged and built man, when his opponent whipped off his shirt to put on the top he was about to play in.

Although Thape only had the standard quarter second to look, to avoid accusations of gayness, Thape simply did not look at his adversary’s body.

‘I know I didn’t look at him. I have let myself and all other men down,’ admitted Thape.

‘I just suddenly froze, and feared he’d not be as fat as me, and that image would have been burnt onto my memory forever,’ said a saddened Thape.