Ordinary man finds exactly what he wants at B & Q in two minutes

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A quite ordinary man, who is not a tradesman, has walked in and out of B & Q within two minutes, having bought exactly what he wanted.

Accountant, Peter Thape (36) needed a small washer that a local handyman had told him to pick up. Thape had a photo, a bar code, and intelligence that suggested it was on aisle 12.

The testosterone-pumped Thape was not, on this occasion, blinded by the myriad of choice, fearful of buying the wrong product, and nor did he need to pluck up the courage to casually ask the advice of a passing tradesman.

‘It’s every regular man’s dream to know exactly which aisle to head for when you walk in,’ said Thape.

‘I would have this down as the finest male moment of my life,’ added Thape.