Man found guilty of not washing a pube down a urinal with his own stream


A West Midlands man is being held in custody after failing to wash a pubic hair down a urinal with his own stream at a motorway service station.

The incident was spotted by a keen eyed toilet attendant at Keele Services on the M6, where Peter Thape (43) from Walsall allegedly approached the urinal at 09.48.

Apparently, Thape inherited the stray pube within the bowl, but still failed to follow the standard toilet protocol of skilfully manoeuvring the random hair into the drain with one’s own fluid waste jet.

‘It’s a fair cop; I got distracted by a heavy piece of chewing gum that I was trying to flip onto the mesh guard,’ admitted Thape.

‘I’ll probably do the three day re-training course though, rather than the fine,’ added Thape.