Man inconsolable after not stealing from hotel housekeeping trolley


A man has described his decision to fail to take anything from an unattended housekeeping trolley as one of the lowest moments of his life.

The ordinarily honest Peter Thape from Crewe passed the trolley as he walked from his room to the breakfast buffet on Tuesday morning.

With no need for any single item on board, Thape was taken by a sudden desire to pocket a clutch of tea bags, and a bodywash. Although the urge passed, he was tested again by the trolley’s lure as he returned from the restaurant for his post-breakfast toilet.

‘I wish I’d taken something. Maybe just a little plastic thing of milk, or even a creamer.  I thought about it for hours afterwards,’ said a troubled Thape.

‘I felt better than this when my wife miscarried…I think I need help,’ added Thape.